Cybersecurity house

For your safety.

Сybersecurity house helps companies recover from the effects of a data breach. We provide guidance on how to create a safer operating culture. With our services, small or medium-sized enterprise receives comprehensive support and understanding of its information security.

Often a company realizes the need for information security when it has been hacked. You can call our "Incident response" emergency number: +358 503 707 894

Service cost 35 €/hour + VAT.
Specialist on duty checks the events that have occurred, gets an overall picture of the situation and proposes an operating model to solve the problem and continue the business of the company.

After a security breach, we train company employees the basics so that security becomes a natural way of working. The challenge of assimilating things is often the complex and abstract nature of the various threats. In addition, attacks are often found by company's management only when it is too late.

We want to create and see a safer world. Through our partner your company staff can be given a quick and easy basic understanding of things in the form of a digital course.

If you are interested in information security, take a look at the blog and contact us even if just for a chat!